Rewards are more important than my life!

I just got off the phone with a customer on this one:

Cx: (before I can even start my spiel) where my gift visa at?

Me: Thank you for calling xxxx rewards center, may I have your name and billing address?

Cx: blahblah louisiana. Now where my card at?

Me: I do apologize for that, (looking up account). Sir there’s a hurricane in that area. I do see your reward has been mailed out on the end of August and should be to you in 5-7 business days.

Cx: that no good! I need card now!

Me: hearing warning sirens in background) sir you should really take shelter now, for your own safety.

Cx: i’s not going in one o those shelters I want my card to i’s can go to a hotel and live it up!

Me: sir the cards come by postal service mail. I don’t think that the post office is going to deliver during a hurricane.

Cx: ya’all are f$&&$&& useless! click

What the hell just happened here?

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