Price Matching & Reality…

I’m not technically in a “call center” these days.

I do e-commerce appliance sales, so it does involve incoming calls for people that want to buy fridges and whatnot. Mostly it’s online order processing, support e-mails and live chats but phones are still part of it. Oh well, pay is worth it so whatever.

Plus we get gems like this frequently…

Cust: [Big Box Store] has this FFHD2250TS fridge for $1100 out the door including tax.

Me: Great. What can I do for you?

Cust: Do you price match?

Me: I can only match advertised prices.

Cust: I mean I just told you it’s their advertised price, can you match it?

Me: I see it advertised online on their website at $1698 and I’d be happy to match that, but if you can get it for $1100 including tax and delivery buy one. Buy two, I’ll buy one off you and resell it.

Cust: That wasn’t very nice. I just wanted to know if you can price match $1100 out the door.

Me: No, I absolutely can’t. But I’m not kidding if you can get two let me know I’ll buy one too.

Cust: Ugh, you can’t help me?

Me: No but apparently [Big Box Store] can?

Cust: Ugh. Bye.

I used my automated system to price check and manually checked their website. $1698. Cost on that thing is $1466 (padded cost, I don’t see real cost… but still).

Moral of the story: If you want to fudge a price match, at least come in within the realm of possibility!

My assumption if you come in with a price match request below my cost is that you’re either a liar, or an idiot that just passed up an amazing deal. But either way, I can’t do it.

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