Oddly satisfying call.

I feel the need to share this oddly satisfying call. Hope you don’t mind.

Just before i get the call, i look at the time and realize the next call i get is going to be my last call today. I’m in such a good mood, you can’t hurt me.

The phone beeps and some angry guy proceeds to rant about the hundred dropped calls he’s had in the last few days. Doesn’t bother me one bit; i just chill for a few minutes while he vents. If he gets frustrated and hangs up, it’s past 9pm in his time zone, not allowed to call him. He ends the monologue by shouting “your company sucks! I don’t know if it’s the phone or your horrible cell service. All i know is, you better fix it!” The following 5 seconds of silence is my queue to talk. I just remembered that tomorrow is my lieu day off for the holiday. I’m in an even better mood now. In a most soothing voice i go “well, I’m sorry your phone’s dropping calls, but i can help you with that. Let’s take a look into your account. May i have your phone number please?” After some research, i realize the number doesn’t even belong to my company. “Sir, i see the number is provided by another carrier, are you in the process of switching to [my company]?” His demeanor changes as he tells me he dialed them, his company apparently preprogrammed his device with our number. I can sense him feeling a little stupid now, so i feel compelled to be nicer and more helpful because it amuses me when people feel stupid. I very politely suggest a theory of how is it that we’re taking, if you dial 611 from a cellphone, you’ll get to whichever company owns the cell tower you are connected to, ask him to hang on while i Google his company’s 800 number, ask him to let me know when he has a pen and paper, and wish him a wonderful evening when we’re done.

So… Yeah… That brightened my evening. It is possible, i enjoy strange things 🙂

What do you think?

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