No Supervisor? Oh I’ll wait!

Worked with supplemental health insurance in a very small call center. Now little back story on how our call center worked. We generally never had a supervisor available as there was only one in the dept and then it fell on the team leads to take escalated calls. If they were already on calls you were screwed. Customer could either wait or choose to receive a callback (which they almost never got in any sort of timely manner). So we close at 7pm. Supervisor leaves at 4 last team lead leaves at 5 and only 3 of us stay till closing. Now the fun part I’ll be Myst and SC will be stubborn customer.

Myst: Thank you for calling blah blah how may I-

SC-sorry to cut you off but I’ve been having trouble with the status of my claim and need to speak to a supervisor.

Myst: unfortunately I have no supervisor available and will have to set up a callback can I get your name and phone # to look up the account?

SC: no I’ll give it to the supervisor, go get me your supervisor.

Myst: There is no supervisor-

SC: you can’t tell me there’s no one there higher than you. No call center would leave the reps unsupervised. Put me on hold and go get someone there should be a supervisor in another dept or something go get them.

(Queue in my head sarcasm cause yes we’re obviously not adults that can be left alone for two hours)

At this point I put him on hold and this was at 5:30. This entire conversation basically continued in the same manner for an hour and a half. Typically if you have to place them on hold for long periods you’re supposed to check in on them every couple of minutes. I let him sit for 20 minutes hoping he’d hang up but oh no I was obviously just not wanting to get a supervisor and there must be someone there.

Meanwhile we have about 15 calls holding the two other reps busy with calls and I had to sit on hold for an hour and a half till closing because per their rules I couldn’t hang up on him cause technically he was being overly rude.

Closing finally comes

Myst: I’m sorry sir but we are now closed so you will have to call back tomorrow.

SC: oh no you don’t you have to stay on the line till I get a supervisor don’t you dare- click

So in ending I don’t necessarily blame the guy most places have supervisors available at all times but when I’m telling there’s literally no one I can transfer him to I mean come on give me a break.

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I did it. I hung up on a customer.

"…I am NOT threatening you…"