I did it. I hung up on a customer.

I might get in trouble. I was already 30 min past my click out time. This lady just took forever to pick her flights in the first place chasing her mind multiple times and asking the same questions over and over about different flights.

We finally get to the confirmation page for the flight and she changes her mind. At this point I have to start completely over. But she promises she’s sure she wants the other one.

We do the whole thing again, including more hemming and hawing and asking the same questions as before. We get to the confirmation page again and she changes her mind AGAIN.

So I start over a third time. Same deal. She changes her mind for the 4th time! I apologize that I can’t help her and advise her to check online. She promises again like she has been the whole that she’s sure but at this point, I honestly have no idea how long she’s going to be doing this. So I just ended the call.

And I’m super mad.

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