Don’t be rude to another Rep just because you can.

This literally just happened. I work for a luxury brand (only 1 day left yas) as a Sales and Services specialist. I’m highly trained for my brand. Not too often, but often enough, we get calls from reps of other companies such as banks or, as is the case here, concierge lines for credit cards. Normally, these interactions are the most pleasant because you can drop your customer service act a bit while still helping, but you get a little friendly banter. So I definitely wasn’t expecting to get the call I just did. CC concierge line calls in, immediately the woman on the other end is short but pleasant enough to just ignore. I don’t choose to engage beyond basics given her immediate attitude. They never received the tickets for their customer and need them resent. Easy enough. I verify the email with her. She corrects me on my pronunciation of concierge (using the ‘proper’ french pronunciation), whatever. Turns out the previous person who ordered these put in the wrong email so I have to change that. I do so, and while I’m typing the emaill (Ex: she goes “Do you know how to spell Concierge?” I just stop for a beat and answer “…Yes, but you can give me that if you want.” Which of course she proceeds to do. The transactions continues with little input from me at this point until we disconnect. And Yes, I filed a report to the parent company who I happen to also be a customer of sooooo…

Like what in the world? If it’s some elitist shit there is no need. If we wanna pull that, I worked for a much bigger deal luxury brand than that but I ain’t gonna pull that shit. So, just my PSA: Don’t be a dick to other reps just because you can.

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