I’m sorry sir, I can’t answer no to you yes or no question.

So my call center has a strict positivity policy with customers on calls. This goes as far as if someone asks a clear yes or no question, you can’t answer no…you have to word it in a way it sounds positive. I’m sure a ton of you have dealt with this, and realize what a pain it is and how stupid it is.

Anyways, I had a guy today, he wanted to dispute a pending charge or stop it. We can’t do either, so I explained he could dispute when posted. He kept asking, and I kept replying with what he could do.

Eventually, after about 5 times, I told him that I am basically not allowed to say no, and that I can only say what we can do for him. He laughed, said is a terrible policy for both the employees and customers, and said he would write corporate.

Hopefully they listen, because I despise not being able to answer a simple question.

Edit: should state your not you.

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