A real-life responsible customer. (S)

I think I just found a unicorn…

Me: Thank you for calling, this is me. How can I help you?

Billing Lady: Hi. I received a call from yall in regards to a bill. I don’t owe anything, so I’m wondering why I got a call.

M: Sure. I can look this up. (Pulls up the account) It turns out the last payment we received was in June for $50. We still have July’s payment that’s owed. That is why you got the call about being past due.

BL: Oh… My… Goodness. I’m so sorry. I could have sworn I got this paid in full. I’m just plum embarrassed.

M: It’s an honest mistake and happens all the time. Do you want me to work with you and get this paid now?

BL: Sure.

M: I have a check saved to the account. Do you want to use that?

BL: That would be great!

M: You will get one more invoice confirming the zero dollar balance, but you are paid up. Sorry for the hassle.

BL: No hassle. I owed you and you were letting me know. Have a great day!

M: You too!

Surprising to hear somebody take ownership of their fault and not cry about it. +1 to her.

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An honest customer

I’m sorry sir, I can’t answer no to you yes or no question.