What I did to a collections Rep

Okay, so I’m on this Reddit because I now also work in a CC. But here is a story of something that I did many years ago that I feel a bit bad for.

Back story:

I had a bad medical Injury from a high up fall that caused me to lose my job for missing time, need two surgeries and a couple rounds of PT. Before this I had a credit score in the mid 700s. I always paid my bill.

I tried to keep up, but interest and late fees kept piling up. This whole ordeal with my injury took about two years. Eventually, I couldn’t keep up with my prior financial obligations, and I fell behind on pretty much everything other than food, rent, and utilities. My score dropped into the 500s and eventually I claimed bankruptcy.

So, as you can imagine, during this time, I got many calls from bill collectors. I’d try to be nice and apologize that I couldn’t pay but not give them my life story. I know people don’t care, and I’m not looking for sympathy. I know their job is to push, typically I’d just be polite, then hang up.

So I get this one lady who was being absolutely nasty to me. This was like 6 years ago so I can’t remember verbatim what was said, but she was telling me that I should “be an adult and pay your bills.” “You should be ashamed of yourself” “You shouldn’t be charging up a credit card and not paying it back.”

Then a few other things, honestly during this time, from being cooped up I was pretty depressed. So telling me these things when I already feel like a loser, kinda struck a chord.

At one point I told her “you know, I know this is your job, but I had a medical issue that caused me a lot of hardship. Prior to this I always paid my bills. Everyone has a story.”

I had never experienced anything like that, from a bill collector, but I guess they have different approaches.

So, I said “you know, I’m having a hard time believing someone with a legitimate company would talk the way you are. Can I have your full name, and company name again?”

…being sassy, she spells her name out for me.

While still on the phone with her, I look her up on Facebook and start quoting things off her public page.

She immediately gets a little timid and defensive “I don’t care! I don’t care.”

I made a couple of jokes about her and she finally hung up.

I never looked her up again, but I’m going to guess she made her page private after that.

Looking back now, it was a little crazy I did that, but she was being so rude and the idea just struck me.

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What do you think?

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