Good Try?

I work at a University call center, and had this convo over chat.

The description of their issue said this: So as I read [jack]’s tuition, am I understanding that tuition is going to cost us 23,000$ per semester?

The chat was coming in from Jack’s account, which often happens when students give their parents the password so they don’t have to deal with anything themselves. But I cannot assist a parent who is coming in from a student’s account. A lot of times due to FERPA we can’t give information without permission, so parents will pretend to be the student. Based on the chat description, and how it referred to Jack in the third person, I assumed it was the parent.

(17:37:04) You said: Hello, are you the student on the acccount?

(17:37:25) Jack said: yes

[Oh, interesting!]

(17:37:42) You said: Okay, may I get your Student ID Number?

(17:39:10) Jack said: I don’t have it handy–his name is Jack [last name] his mom Jill

C’mon lady…

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