Calling people stupid apparently makes them apologise?

Not my story but one of my colleagues calls which I happened to witness. My colleague will be A and Lady will be L.

L: Why have I got a new invoice for May?

A: We received a new meter reading – this caused our system to recalculate your information based on his new information.

L: Well I don’t want this new bill – just one bill a month! I don’t understand how your system has calculated this. All your customers must get confused surely?!

A: Usually our customers don’t have any trouble with this actually.

He pauses. A had just called the customer stupid, and knew it probably wasn’t for the best. We pause to see how she reacts.

L: Are you calling me stupid?!

A: No not at all! I apologise. Let me send you a statement of account which shows exactly how your bills have been reissued.

She agrees and he sends a statement of account. She is also strangely quiet. He laters received and email back from her “You were right – this is all quite straight forward.”

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