“Never send a man to do a woman’s job!”

If you’ve read my PP, you’ll know that although I’m a normal advisor I occasionally deal with the odd manager escalation. I’ve worked in complaints review before and our specialist help team, and I’m on manager track so it’s not a new thing for me.

Saw a manager was swamped one day this week, and I asked if they needed help. They say sure, can you pick this escalation up and contact them for me? Sure, no probs dude. Anything to avoid taking calls, amirite y’all?

Well, I should’ve kept my fucking trap shut. The case was an absolute fucking shit show of a stinker and was not going to be easy. In fact, when I called and introduced myself, the lady was fucking RAGING because of another handler change.

Anyway, this poor love had issues spanning months and multiple male managers had taken a stab at it. It’s summer, holidays and staff changes happen so it’s unavoidable.

I spent a good hour on the phone with this lady ironing everything out and getting it sorted. I offered to pass it back to the originating manager to follow up but she says, “Alyss, I’d prefer if you did it because I’ve got more done in 45 minutes with you than I have in the entirety of the time this has been ongoing.”

Sweet, that’s another tick in my box for future promotion. I know my manager will be going on maternity leave at some point in the next 6 months and is gonna take the full year (although nobody else knows except for her manager and another close colleague) so I’m gunning for that bad boy.

I calls this lady back today to discuss money. They take a more expensive, higher tier product and accepts my low ball comp figure to boot – although it was still high considering the depth and length of the issue. Bish bash bosh, job done.

Towards the end of the call, I give my usual “Is there absolutely anything else I can help you with in the meantime?”

The lady says no and I’m thinking ✅✅✅💷💷💷 MIC DROP byeeee and the dreaded word comes.


I’m now thinking, “oh fucking hell, here we go.”

Lady says, “Since we last spoke, I’ve spoken with my coworkers. They know the whole sorry saga, but I had to tell them about you and now we’ve got a running joke in the office. Would you like to hear it?”

Sure, why not, it’s better than another problem!

“It’s taken x amount of male managers x amount of time to do barely anything – and as soon as I get a female manager, it’s sorted in 45 minutes! Never send a man to do a woman’s job, eh?”

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