If you belittle everyone you speak to, we aren’t the problem – you are.

I work for an insurance company. I do not take inbound calls unless someone calls me directly, but still work closely with our customer service reps, and make outbound calls often. I have a customer we will call Sam. Sam is a douche canoe (in my opinion). He’s the kind of customer who is unhappy with the company before he ever even initiated contact with us, and he acts accordingly. He yells and he insults and he’s just not the kind of person you’d gravitate to at a party, probably. I’m familiar with Sam and his antics, as I speak with him roughly once per week for things that he could easily handle but chooses not to (things like our fax number, his claim number, if we have received additional information, etc).

Well, Sam today called into customer service and said the CSR is a “fucking bitch who can just fuck right off” because she said she needed to look up his information in order to help him today (how DARE she not be able to read his mind, you know!).

I reached out to the CSR and apologized to her on behalf of Sam, because even though he’s not sorry for his behavior, I’m still sorry that she had to speak with him. I ended up asking a manager to call Sam and figure out what his deal is, because he’s not capable of having a normal conversation with anyone else. The outcome was that he wanted to know information easily accessible from the website.

Regarding problematic customers – We read previous call notes. We can tell what a jackass you were to the last person you spoke with. We can tell how short your fuse is almost from the get-go, and mentally buckle in accordingly. There’s absolutely no way that every single person you speak to at this company is a douche canoe, and you are the victim. You’re just an oversized crybaby with an entitlement complex and an inability to discuss your feelings without cutting someone else down in the process.

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I didn’t say anything

I’m sorry lady, but someone hanging up on you is no where close to being raped.