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I want to quit my call center job so badly. I don’t know how it’s possible but I’m actually becoming depressed while working here. Every single insult I get from a stranger gets under my skin and I can’t even reply back. The breaks are unpaid and very short. I cannot even fathom how people do this for years as a career. I’m only 23 I feel like I’m 53 and I’ve only been working here for 5 months.

I do outbound telemarketing and I only took the job because I needed something to get the bills paid and its my first call center gig. Its hell. It’s by far the worst job I’ve ever had.. Ever. I don’t think I’ll ever take another call center job after this. Sorry just had to vent

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‘Pretend you’re going to catch a rugby ball’

I blew up at a customer service rep. =(