"Fine I’ll just do it myself then."

Hey guys! Back. Just got off the phone with this lovely gem. Background: I work in billing for healthcare.

Me: “Hi thanks for calling mycompany this is myheartintoxifies, how can I help you today?”

Caller: “Yeah I need you to update insurance information for me”

Me: “Of course. Let me verify your DOB and current mailing address real quick so I can make sure I’m looking at the correct account”

surprisingly there is no pushback

Me: “Alright thanks for that. So who is the name of your insurance company and when did it become effective?”

Caller: “Well I have nameofinsurancecompany and it became effective October or November of 2017″

Me: “Unfortunately the dates we are billing you for are from July of 2017, which means your insurance would not be effective for these dates. I can very much check though just to verify that insurance did not start sooner”

looks her up on the insurance website and her insurance actually started on January 1, 2018 NOT 2017. Yeah there’s no way around this one. This is going to be rough

Me: “Alright thanks for holding, so unfortunately your insurance became effective the first of the year so there is no way I am able to send 2017 claims out to your insurance”

Caller: “Well insurance told me that they would back date it three months and to just submit everything to them”

Me: “Even if they did say that, July of 2017 would be out of that three month window. Unfortunately if insurance does not show active on their website for the actual date of service my system will not let me send out claims”

Caller: “I don’t understand what you are saying. I just got off the phone with insurance and they stated to send them everything and they will pay”

Me: “Ma’am I apologize but I cannot submit these claims to your insurance. They happened five months before it become effective. If your insurance is not effective the date of the services they will not cover them. They would need to update their system because their system is not reflecting the information that they told you.”

Caller: “OKAY FINE. I’ll just submit the claims myself. HAVE A GREAT FUCKING DAY YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCHAs she proceeded to slam the phone down in my ear

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