Caller truly believes she is the doctor’s only patient..

I work in a medical call center. We’re scheduling out for a certain speciality into July, which i get sucks but I swear the way some patients handle it…

This lady calls in today and demands her appointment be moved up to this week as she needs to be seen immediately. Every patient believes they need to be seen immediately which i get to a certain point, you’re worried about your health. But i have a huge issue with those patients that have NO awareness with this. They just expect for the doctors to always be at their beck and call like they have no other patients and aren’t in clinic all day.

So I ask her why she needs to be seen and it’s nothing too urgent but i ask the nurse if i can get her seen this week anyway and she says she can squeeze the patient in this certain time around lunch. Great!! so i let the patient know we can get her in annnnnd here’s where it gets stupid.

She demands that it must be a Tuesday or Friday at 8:30 or 9 THIS WEEK as it’s an emergency according to her (it’s not by other standards). I let her know that that’s not possible as the doctor can’t adjust her schedule at the drop of a hat and we’re already trying to help her by getting her in but she just says that will absolutely not work and this is ridiculous that we can’t get her in exactly when she wants. this doctor normally schedules out into JULY and we can get you in this week…. yet you have the audacity to complain that it’s not good enough and you DEMAND to be seen at the date and times YOU want. If that’s what you want then we’ll schedule you out but in this specialty you cannot just demand to be seen whenever you want and throw a fit when the doctor won’t accommodate because they have hundreds of other patients. The entitlement some of these patients have is insane! They believe they are above all other patients who often have far worse conditions. But this lady took the cake today.

I just really needed to vent. There’s so many more like this it’s unbelievable.

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