First Day Taking Calls for Verizon

I have been doing well in my training classes, and I had a lot of confidence for this new job. My first day taking calls was intense. I felt like everything I learned just disappeared and I forgot a lot of stuff. I had a coughing fit at one point. This is the first call center I worked at, and I was wondering if it’s normal to feel nervous and to make mistakes on your first day.

I got a dropped survey on one call. I tried to help this person with a tablet that he felt he was being overcharged for, but it was too late to return it. I offered him the buy out option on his contract, but he was not having it. He wanted to get the tablet for free, and I tried to ask my coach what to do, but she told me to tell them that they had to go back to the store if they wanted help.

I don’t know. I just felt so uncomfortable and lost confidence after my first day, and I’m hoping this is a normal feeling and that it’s not that I’m bad at my job.

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