The Call That Broke Me…or Cats.

For background: I work for an appliance manufacturer as a customer service rep. I schedule service, check on appliance,s do basic troubleshooting…and sometimes rarely take calls from installers/servicers who need redirected.

I took this call not even two days after being released onto the call floor/to my current boss-man.

I went through my opening spill, but I will use Bug: Me. IG: Installer guy. BSCCL: For bat-shit crazy cat lady. NB: Nerdy boss.

IG: “Hey, um…these things are recorded right?”

Bug: “Yes, sir? What can I help you with?”

IG: “I’m IG with XXXX installation company? I’m doing an install of a washer and…this lady just asked me a question and my boss wouldn’t tell me what to do HELP!”

Bug: “Sure…what type of question does she have?” I asked naively not understanding why he sounded so freaked out.

IG: “She just asked me how she was supposed to WASH HER CATS if the plate’s on the bottom and the door won’t open mid cycle!!!”

I’m on a nerdy team and our team chat is constantly filled with horrible memes and references. I partake in this activity quite often, which lead to my boss to find me staring at my screen blankly nearly 4 minutes later.

NG: ” You alright Bug?”

Bug: “….no. I don’t know what to do.” With that I relayed the whole situation, to save everyone the vivid explanation BSCCL had explained in detail to this poor man about how with her old washer she would fill it up, put it on delicate, and STICK HER LIVING CATS INSIDE TO WASH THEM!!!!

As a cat lady myself I was in TEARS just hearing this. My boss ran back to his desk and conference called with me and IG to their local police/ASPCA. There was just only one problem….

They didn’t believe us.

I shit you not.

Now IG is losing his mind in as quiet a manner as he can. IG: “Look….I will kidnap every damn cat in this house if a cop isn’t sent over, I swear to god I’m not leaving without this getting fixed.”

The officer on the line was trying to talk him out of taking the cats hostage. But nearly 50 minutes later I hear BSCCL scream from her door. BSCCL: “ABUSING MY CATS?!?!?”

The police had arrived. IG hung up the phone after quite some more time, waiting for us to hear what was going on. I got a good 4 hours of paid down time because I was just as beside myself as he was.

IG ended the call with, “I’m taking the rest of the day off and drinking. And getting a cat, I can’t deal with shit like this.”

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