Thank you site support

This is a tale to the call center. To which I am so grateful for. If this is not the place for this post, by all means remove it.

I’m a manager at a movie theater, film has gone digital, so when a projector is broken beyond my knowledge or means, site support saves my ass.

Thank you to the man that spent 45 minutes on the phone with me coaching me through the steps to fix our projector.

I was crying from stress to get this projector fixed as soon as possible (reason why I was crying, it was star wars: the force awakens opening day and it was a sold out theater, and i was the only manager on duty therefore the only person “qualified” to fix the problem) and he kept calming me down and had so much patience to just talk me through the steps.

He got that movie up and running for me. Worst work day of my life, best site support tech to have on the phone.

Thanks site support for dealing with technologically inept people like me.

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