Are you in a wind tunnel?!

This happened to me years ago and it still annoys me when I think about. Had a customer on the line for about 20 minutes, helping him beyond what I normally would because he was nice. At the end of the call he needed our address to send something in to us.

The call had been totally pleasant up to this point, albeit a little annoying since he was outside and it was windy af and I had to keep asking him to repeat himself. I can get impatient when I have to repeat myself for an entire call but I was honestly being SO nice to this guy. It was my first call of the day and my tone was cheery, I was making jokes, etc.

So let’s say the address is 123 Internet Street Hollywood CA, 90210

Me: Ok so the address is 123-

C: 456?

Me: No 123 Internet-

C: 456 Ethernet?

Me: No no 123 INTERNET Street

C: OH 123 Ethernet Road?

Me: Haha no. 123 INTERNET STREET (I was NOT yelling, just trying to talk above the wind. Why this idiot couldn’t just GO INSIDE is beyond me)

C: Ok 123 Internet Street!

Me: YES and that’s in Hollywood CA.

C: Inglewood Florida?!


C: Wormwood CA?

Me: Haha no HOLLY-


It just pissed me off because I went above and beyond to help this guy and was being completely pleasant with him but he decided to call us while he was in a fucking WIND TUNNEL and got mad that HE couldn’t hear ME instead of just calling back at a better time. Ugh.

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